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Food Allergies and the Importance of Testing


Allergy testing (or IgG testing) is a crucial part of maintaining complete wellness.

There are different allergy responses and most people have Histamine testing (or IgE testing  – still using blood to test) to determine their allergies. While this is still very worthwhile information, IgE allergies can change throughout your life, coming and going depending on many factors including your general level of wellbeing. IgE allergies, however, only account for 10 - 15% of allergy responses whilst IgG testing accounts for around 80% or greater of allergy responses. This is why we believe it is crucial to know what they are and avoid them. When you consume foods you have an IgG response to, your body may react to them as if they are a poison, lowering your immune system and creating many other reactions, often without any visible symptoms. I have witnessed far greater health results by testing for IgG allergies rather than IgE allergies.

Many people mistakenly assume they don’t have any allergies, however, in all the years I have been testing people, I have had only around 1% of people show up without any allergies. Reactions to IgG foods can take up to 48 hours to show a response so this fools people into thinking their reactions are not from foods. When people avoid eating their IgG allergy foods, they may also experience a reduction in IgE reactions to other foods. If left unattended, IgE reactions can become so severe that anaphylactic episodes can occur (such as to peanuts).

‘When people go along to Doctors for scratch tests to be done, this is usually testing only 5 – 20 things and is almost always an IgE test (accounting for only 10 - 15% of allergies). These allergies are not usually life-long and can often be corrected. The IgG allergy test kit tests 96 different foods, which if you are allergic to any of these foods you need to avoid them for good health.

My own children both experienced a dramatic improvement in their lives once I tested and avoided their IgG allergy foods, - i.e. no more stomach aches or skin rashes.

This is a simple finger prick self testing kit that anyone can use.

This is highly recommended as an essential first step to wellness.

IgG Allergy kits are $50 plus $5 postage to purchase the kit (from the Naturopath) and then the laboratory processing charge is $259 plus postage and handling payable directly to the laboratory. Payments are made to the laboratory by credit card.
If you would prefer to do a 96 foods plus additional 16 food vegetarian panel, it is an extra $105.

Well worth the once-off investment into better health.

As a practitioner only product, these kits cannot be sold online or directly to the public by the laboratory, so please call Naturopath Debranette on (07) 4129 0732 to order your kit now.
Debranette Anne is a very competent Naturopath who is looking after the allergy testing department for Success and Health.  She can answer all questions regarding testing.


  About 2 ½ years ago I had a massive allergic reaction to a seafood pizza. My whole body broke out in hives and for months I scratched all day and night and couldn’t sleep.A live blood analysis (hemaview) showed I had 12 allergy cells which was extremely high. I guessed it was the seafood (shellfish) bit I was also advised by my health professional to go off wheat. The hives finally settled after about 4 months but my blood analysis always showed leaky gut an inflammation (even prior to the breakout). I partly gave up wheat but not fully. In the last year I have experienced a lot of bloating and for years have had itchy arms often with ugly reddish/purplish blotches that come and go.

After hearing Shane and Hayley Wallace talk about the IgG allergy testing I decided I had nothing to lose so I bought the kit and went ahead. The results showed I was highly reactive and or moderately reactive to all grains, dairy, eggs and shellfish. I took myself off the lot straight away. My bloating completely disappeared. I even lost about 2kg and I am already quite small. I have more energy and no more hives.

3 months later I had my next live blood analysis done and my blood for the first time in years was perfect – no leaky gut, no inflammation, no allergy cells. It could not be faulted. I have not had to make another appointment.

It was worth every penny! I also used daily a super symbiotic which aids in the healing of the gut.

I strongly recommend everyone does the test because constantly eating your ‘allergy foods’ leads to inflammation which can lead to all sorts of major health problems, not just external symptoms. Just be disciplined to quit those foods and enjoy life at a new level.

Helen, Gold Coast.

The booklet below contains extra information from the Laboratory on different food families to help you get the most out of your test results.

foodstats_booklet.pdf (1.2 MB)

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