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Mobile Phone / WiFi Harmonizer

Mobile Phone / WiFi Harmonizer - Click to enlarge picture.
$22.73 AUD
Approx $16.00 USD


Mobile Phone and WiFi  Radiation Harmonizers  

    Mobile Phone and WiFi Radiation Harmonizers are designed to neutralize the noxious radiation emissions from all types
    of mobile phones and WiFi systems.
    Mobile phones and WiFi systems send a noxious energy beam direct from the phone or lap top to the communication
    tower or modems.
    The same noxious energy beam is present between the wireless modem and lap top computer.
    This noxious energy beam penetrates the cells around your head while using the phone, and of people who may be
    positioned between the communicating phone or lap top and the tower or modem thus affecting their wellbeing.
    Hot head syndrome experienced while talking on a mobile phone for a prolonged period of time maycreate major health problems.
    The dangerous radiation that is emitted from the phone while in your pocket or hand bag, penetrates the cells of your body
    with Positive Ions. With the Mobile and WiFI product this is also harmonized.
    The Harmonizer creates a healthy Negative Ion life force energy field which transmutes all noxious Positive Ion energy
    fields around the lap top or phone and also the beam connection at the same time.

    The Orgone Effects Australia Wafer Harmonizers are the most effective phone
    harmonizer available because they are the ONLY phone harmonizers capable of
    harmonizing the noxious energy beam between the phone and communication tower.

    How do l know that the Harmonizer is protecting me?
    Here is a simple test.
    Without the Harmonizer attached to the phone, hold the phone to feel how the Positive Ion field can make you feel sick in
    the stomach, or a dizziness in the head.
    Then while making a call hold the phone at arms length and then turn around until you can feel the noxious energy beam
    penetrating you with symptoms as described above.
    Then attach the Harmonizer to the phone and do the same trial again.
    You will feel that the phone and that the noxious energy beam no longer makes you feel sick or dizzy.
    What the Harmonizer has been able to achieve is converting the noxious Positive Ion field to a balanced field for better well
    being.This is called a Negative Ion Field.
    In fact you may not be able to feel anything at all. This proves the effectiveness of the Harmonizer.

    Other medical tests performed by your health practitioner measuring before and after pulse rates, muscle
    testing and with the use of Bio Feedback technology commonly used by Naturopaths will demonstrate
    that the application of the Phone Harmonizer successfully negates the dangerous effect of the radiation
    from a mobile phone.

    Another scientific method of validating the effectiveness of the Harmonizer is the Earth Magnetic Grid Harmonizing test. On
    which the Harmonizer achieves a rating 35 metres. No other Mobile Phone neutralizer on the market can achieve such
    impressive results.

    Available in wafer style (thin) adhesive backed for placement on wireless
    equipment such as WiFi routers, baby monitors, GPS units etc. It can fit neatly under your phone battery cover or on the back of the phone itself.


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